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  • KLEENSO Aircond Coil Cleaner (500ml)

    1. Biodegradable – water based

    2. Safe to users and environment

    3. Designed to effectively remove oil and dust contaminants from the
    aluminium coil. No corrosion on the aluminium.

    4. Just Spray and Wipe as easy as ABC.

    5. Cost – Use of Kleenso Air-Cond Coil Cleaner is merely RM15 per 1HP
    air conditioner unit against RM150 charges by external contractor.
    Users can now service more often for better air conditioner
    performance, better air quality and at low cost.

    While the product is water based and safe to users. Basic safety
    should be taken into consideration.

    1. Wear Goggles , Mask & Glove for protection.

    2. Avoid eye contact. If there is a contact with your eyes, rinse with

    3. Use proper tools such as ladder, manual pump & spray for better
    water pressure where required.

    4. If required, have an assistant to assist you in handing over tools
    to you during the cleaning work.